Quilytics helps you to gain an understanding on how to improve and optimize your digital marketing campaigns and improve your business metrics. We help you identify your best performing channels, most effective campaigns, top audiences, prime creatives, etc. We have the ability to connect your online marketing data with offline sales data hence providing a 360-degree view of your marketing efforts. We also leverage your customer data and stitch it with your digital data to predict appropriate customer base for your brand hence providing you with effective targeting strategies.

Marketing Strategy and Campaign Objective

Our team serves as analytics experts to help design the best marketing strategy for you. This helps your marketing team identify opportunities in creating campaigns and optimize thereafter.

Campaign Design

Looking into former campaign performances, we put forward a suitable layout of campaign design including corresponding channels, platforms, multi-funnel analysis, and much more. This enables your marketers to design relevant creatives per suggested campaign design.

Campaign Effectiveness Analysis

Campaign effectiveness analysis enables you to derive learnings from existing campaigns and ensures better results in the future. Our experts deliver best campaign wrap reports that showcases different achievements and learnings for future campaigns.

Benchmarking and Pacing

We define benchmarks for your company by performing market research and leveraging industry data. We also define automated KPI pacing models which helps you to justify the media spend and recommend measures for optimum pacing.

Target Segmentation

We offer target segmentation and audience performance by leveraging our advanced analytics methodologies. Our robust automated model delivers best results which drives value to your investment in us.

Case Studies

Performing diminishing returns analysis for a global Digital file transfer company

  • Client Introduction :

    A leading software company in the business of instant file transfers with more than 25 business areas of operation. They invested heavily in digital marketing campaigns, including:

    • Paid Search – Google Ads and Bing (both Brand and Non-Brand campaigns)
    • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram
  • Client Challenge:

    • New Sign ups were stagnant despite high spending on incumbent marketing campaigns
    • Lack of guided framework on incremental budgets and conversion tactics
  • How Quilytics helped:

    Performing Linear Regression Analysis

    • Determined the strength of the Independent Variable (Cost) in predicting Dependent Variable (Conversions) for driving business decisions using statistical significance

    Performed Diminishing Returns Analysis

    • Identified the point of diminishing and negative return by leveraging their historic search data
    • Recognized the stage where rate of conversion was lower than rate of investment
    • Suggested to move budgets to other channels and tactics due to not enough rise in conversions from Search
    • Performed cross channel analysis to see if other channels are driving better conversions on site.

Conversion Forecasting for a leading luxury outerwear brand

  • Client Introduction :

    The client produces extreme weather outwear and is a luxury market player in fashion-apparel industry

  • Client Challenge:

    The client was seeking an expert to help them predict the efficiency of product sales by thoroughly testing performance of new creatives and call to action strategies

  • How Quilytics helped:

    • Building Predictive Model to forecast Sales
    • Leveraged historic data to predict the number of customers that are likely to respond to marketing initiatives (CTAs) to generate better ROAS
    • Considered different scenarios / conditions for data modeling to project sales
    • This was accompanied by creating suitable reports on campaign performance for actionable decision making.