Enterprise Tech Suite

Businesses become Enterprises by learning from their data, but here is the bump in that journey. A plethora of information is wrapped in the form of bytes which is housed in multiple siloed platforms, inaccessible and raw. Enterprise Tech Suite is designed to help your business sail through that bump. Our intuitive solutions have catered to varied use-cases and have helped executives gain understanding of business performance. Business Intelligence and Data Visualization form the winning duo of our solution suite.

Business Intelligence:
Here’s the GIST of it


Gain competitive advantage by identifying the correct opportunities and minimizing risks for your business. Your business may be generating a sizeable amount of data; when cleaned and transformed can bear high returns. A data driven mindset coupled with a dependable analytics consultant can bring high gains to your business.


Identify tactical ways to improve your business outcomes by leveraging data and turning them into accurate and actionable insights. There is a sea of analytical tools available at your fingertip, but choosing the right one for your requirement is key. With the right tools, you can slice your data and transform it into meaningful feedback without burning a hole in your budget.


Streamline your processes and save on your analyst’s manual efforts to achieve highest quality business analytics solution. Lean processes are underrated and hence pocket friendly while creative processes are expensive. Utilize your time and resources to focus on creativity and building strategy; let us automate your repetitive and manual reporting.


Turnover your plan from strategy to execution using seamless data transformation. Implementation is the key to a digital strategy. A plan carries weight only if the execution is flawless. An incorrectly accomplished project will at first show false positive results and then falter under a challenge.

Data Visualization

Identify various trends and outliers through intuitive dashboard designs that our data visualization consultants provide

Acquire a macro-view of your business performance on a visualization customized for your multifarious requirements

Gain capability to improve company’s strategy by pointing out unseen red flags, recognize any irregularities and predict unidentified discoveries by illustrating data.

Empower your business through a real-time view of your KPIs on your fingertip and modulate your growth strategies effectively.

Our team consists of certified experts in tools like, but not limited to, Tableau, Sisense, Lookr, Domo, PowerBI, Google Data Studio. Our expertise spans building daily refreshed dashboards for Website Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Sales Incentive Compensation, Customer Lifetime Value, Spend Analytics, Contract Management, and many more.

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