Team Quilytics helps you with website implementation and provide an intuitive way to understand your customer behavior. We help gain insight into website performance and identify areas to maximize conversions. Our certified experts in Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, understands data as no one else does. Quilytics identifies opportunities and recommends insights on how to drive more customers to your website and improve overall performance.

Research and Website Audit

Our experts perform website audit to ensure accuracy and conducts research to implement your website. This involves our team to go through your current practices in order to better understand your overall business goals. This helps us set the correct foundation for implementation.

Website Implementation

This implies setting the right tracking code for the website, determining the correct parameters as well as creating custom goals and dimensions. In addition to this, team Quilytics can help you implement Google Tag Manager to easily tag your website and collect user level information. We have expertise in setting up Google Analytics tags, third-party tags, and custom tags. There is a round of quality checks to ensure that the data being tracked is clean and aligned with your business goals.

Process Optimization and Recommendation

Team Quilytics analyzes your website data and tracks performance by creating website analytics dashboards which ensures capturing the correct dimensions and goals to drive your business decisions. This follows by providing recommendations on how to optimize tracking in order to gain more traction on the website and achieve ultimate objectives.

Case Studies

Drive more leads and conversions through website

  • Client Introduction :

    The client is a nationwide marketplace for charter buses across USA which focuses on maintaining comprehensive network of bus operators.

  • Client Challenge:

    The client needed a website that drove more conversions / leads, removed barriers of user experience and increased overall engagement

  • How Quilytics helped:

    Implementing HotJar for optimizing conversion rates

    • Created parent-child mapping file by looking at historic suppliers
    • Heat map and Scroll map data helped client gain better understanding on where users were clicking, scrolling, and also identify breaks in the flow

    Setting Up Google Tag Manager and Custom Conversions

    • We set up Google Tag Manager in order to track micro conversions like Button Clicks, Call Us, Get a Quote and set up cross domain tracking for all their websites
    • We also recommended setting up custom metrics and dimensions to track individual user experience towards the lead

Set up Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics

  • Client Introduction :

    The client is a luxury, full-service hotel chain located at premier travel destinations with their famous waterfront havens in New York, Rhode Island, Arizona, and many more locations

  • Client Challenge:

    The client needed to set up Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics for its enhanced features of cookie-less trafficking.

  • How Quilytics helped:

    Designing Measurement Plan

    • We designed a measurement plan specifying parameters to be in Google Tag Manager This helped in configuring the correct custom events names within the GA4 interface

    Creating triggers and implementing tags

    • We created triggers and mapped them with multiple tags to ensure consistency across all pixels. Once this was done, we created tags in Google Tag Manager with GA4 settings

    Tracking User ID

    • Encrypted Phone Numbers were used as Custom User ID to add an additional layer of tracking the website than the conventional cookie ID methodology


    • Everything was tested once the implementation was done to ensure seamless data collection