Advanced Analytics Suite

Once your Business intelligence requirements are met, you ask your analytics consultant- WHAT NEXT? At this point, you have seen some trends in your conversions and spend data or some correlation between Lead generation and Sales revenue. The Advanced analytics suite that we employ, offers a wide set of capabilities which enables robust strategic decision making, to deal with challenges that traditional BI cannot. Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning and Forecasting form the perfect trifecta of our Advanced analytics suite. These tools have evolved from statistical and mathematical models, but their application to predict the likeliness of hitting that sales target is what gets the business executive excited!


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps identify patterns and understand customer behavior by predicting behavioral trends and gaining deeper insights into data. It lets your organization visualize previously unseen correlations and causation. This transforms intuition into evidence-baseddecision making through valuable predictive insights.

Quilytics focuses on reshaping business processes through advanced predictive analytics and automation which uses robust modeling techniques. We leverage structured and unstructured data to predict trends, sales, customer lifetime value, customer churningand demand forecasting. This helps you plan your strategies ahead of time and take tactical decisions for your business.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Quilytics helps automate processes using techniques that learn from your own data by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. We use AI to build automated category-classification models for procurement companies, generate Incentive Compensation Scores for pharmaceutical industry and calculate historic benchmarks for eCommerce brand and Digital Marketing agencies.

Our team masters in using various machine learning algorithms like Regression Modeling, Clustering, Random Forests and Decision Trees which enables Customer Segmentation, Market Basket Analysis, Category Normalization, Customer Churning, Fraud Detection, etc. This empowers you to make impactful decisions and value add in your business outcomes.


Forecasting and Natural Language Processing

Team Quilytics drives high level operational capabilities by forecasting supply-demand, predicting sales, prognosticating inventory, etc. We use various time series forecasting models like ARIMA (Autoregressive integrated moving average), SARIMA (Seasoned autoregressive integrated moving average), Exponential Smoothing and Autoregressive Models. Natural Language Processing is used to draw meaningful insights in tracking sentiments, leads, customer satisfaction, etc.

Gain Competitive Advantage, Stay Ahead Of The Curve, And Watch Your Business Grow Even Further