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Established in 2021, Quilytics is a new-age venture offering Business Analytics and Advanced Data Analytics Consulting Solutions to companies in Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, eCommerce, Fashion, Apparel,Retail, Healthcare, and other industries.Team Quilytics is determined to help you grow your business value through a powerful combination of quality and analytics.

What we do

We are a leading provider of business intelligence services like data ingestion and data visualization integrated with fully programmed technology.

Our industry experts visualize omnichannel data to obtain actionable and valuable insights essential to grow your business.We understand client requirements and tailor specific deployments to improve their business outcomes and aid them to make critical business decisions.Quilytics delivers relevant consulting to its clients in areas of Marketing analytics, Business Analytics, Spend analytics and automated sales reporting. By providing companies with the micro-level and macro-level view of their business performance, Quilytics emboldens them to be one step ahead in strategy, planning and budget allocation. Our customers get a 360-degree view of their key performance indicators through custom data management and automation services that provides them with a full picture of their business at their fingertip.Quilytics helps clients to derive measurable conclusions, by integrating data modeling with business decision-making.

Why Us!

We do not just act as your business analytics consultants, but as your data partners. We, at Quilytics, take customer success very seriously. Our team is always focused on providing you best-in-class data solutions along with a superlative client experience. Learn More to view our services or Click here to see what our customers say about us.

Our goal is to turn data into information and information into insights!

Our mission

To help companies leverage data, in the most privacy-focused manner, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide real-time value in driving their business forward.

Our vision

To empower brands of all sizes with seamless data transformation and innovation capabilities and help them be extremely data driven.

Our team

Focused on delivering highest quality customer support and furnishing in-depth understanding of our services to our clients.


SiliconIndia Awards

Quilytics as Top 20 Most Promising Technology company founded and managed by Indians in the U.S.

Analytics Insight awards

Quilytics as Top 10 Most impactful Data and Analytics Service provider of 2022.

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