Quilytics is a leader in providing businesses with precise knowledge in the right context to make accurate decisions. We help gather stakeholder requirements, identify business constraints, recommend relevant BI tools, and generate custom solutions by building intuitive dashboards for you.

Data Design and Strategy

We brainstorm with all stakeholders to define major issues, identify analytics tools and processes and determine budget required to work towards the common solution.We perform exploratory data analysis, identify Key Performance Indicators, and strategize a business plan for you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Data Processing and Transformation

We perform data discovery and cleansing, data transformation and integration from various sources by building a completely automated system. Our experienced tech-team provides complete support in data on-boarding and develops robust programs to certify successful integration with different data channels.

Data Dashboards

Our data visualization team constantly delivers intelligent dashboards specific to your requirements. We customize all our deliverables based on your business needs. Our team has exceptional proficiency and are certified in tools like Tableau, Sisense, Google Data Studio, Lookr, PowerBI, Sisense

Internal Process/Report Automation

Quilytics helps you to automate any internal processes within your company and save your time drastically. Our internal automation team understands your pain points and guides you to the best path forward. We perform heavy lifting on all the manual effort while you can focus on your business goals. We are certified experts in MS Excel, SQL, Python, R Programming and many such tools that can help robotize manual reports and get you the result in your fingertip hence remarkably diminishing manual effort.

Data Governance

Team Quilytics is focused on maintaining data governance and establishing suitable practices that aligns with your business goals. Ancient governance programs are concentrated around policy-driven techniques. Quilytics utilizes automation-focused approach for governance and allows you to detect data quality issues ahead of time ensuring high reliability to ward off potential risks. We are proficient in utilizing leveraging like Talend, Clover, Cloudera, Alteryx to provide most robust data solutions.

We provide consulting in project implementation starting from defining strategy to building roadmap based on automated data-lake solutions. In addition to this, our team also cater to fully programmed quality automation using Machine Learning algorithms in projects related to Supplier/Vendor Management, Category Normalization, Payment Term Rationalization, etc.

Data Management

In addition to governance, Quilytics also offers quality process in building data structures for data management. Our team develops fully functional data marts, constructs data pipelines, and also optimizes data warehouses guarantying ease of use for business operations. Quilytics collates all siloes data sources into one ecosystem making it extremely easy for you to manage and access information. Our Data Engineering team ensures quick integration of varied sources ranging from CRM tools like Salesforce, Epicor, NetSuite, SAP Ariba, IQVIA to digital marketing platforms, like Facebook Ads Manager, Pinterest, LinkedIn Ads Manager, Mixed Panel, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Google and Bing Ads, Kenshoo and many more.

Case Studies

Provide 360 degree view of overall marketing channels and automate reporting

  • Client Introduction :

    The client is an American real estate giant proudly committed to serving properties in New York City, the Hamptons, and South Florida and other prime locations.

  • Client Challenge:

    The client lacked clarity on overall marketing channels and struggled with manual analysis of each data source consuming massive amount of time.

  • How Quilytics helped:

    Quilytics built an automated process of data collection, cleaning by connecting APIs of different platforms into a single source of truth.

    Our team created tailored automated reports reducing their manual efforts from weeks to minutes.

    We also scheduled reports for stakeholders to receive on a weekly cadence

Build correlation between overall marketing performance and brand awareness objectives

  • Client Introduction :

    The client is a luxury, full-service hotel chain located at premier travel destinations with their famous waterfront havens in New York, Rhode Island, Arizona, and many more locations

  • Client Challenge:

    The client had poor visibility on how their overall marketing performance helped in increasing brand awareness objectives

  • How Quilytics helped:

    Developing relevant KPI Measurement Plan: Identified appropriate KPIs for driving brand awareness and developed a KPI measurement plan to gain visibility on the metrics

    Built a Performance Dashboard in Google Data Studio

    Quilytics built a custom and intuitive dashboard by taking the most granular dimensions and metrics determined in the KPI measurement plan

    This gave them the flexibility of slicing and dicing the data and looking at WoW, MoM, YoY performances