Salesforce Dashboard creation of a Healthcare company for complete visibility of their lead generation campaigns

Client Introduction

The client is a leading healthcare provider specializing in the comprehensive care of children with special needs. With a presence in multiple locations across the United States, the client offers a wide range of services and support for children with various medical, developmental, and behavioral conditions. 

Their primary focus is on delivering personalized and comprehensive care to enhance the health and well-being of children with special needs and their families. 

Strategically positioned throughout the country, the client ensures accessibility and convenience for their patients and the communities they serve.

Business Problem

The client faced a common challenge encountered by many businesses—a complex and overwhelming Salesforce Dashboard. The abundance of data, coupled with disorganized and inefficient reporting structures, hindered their ability to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. 

Recognizing the need for a solution, we aimed to navigate The client through these complexities and chart a clear course for success.

Project Goals

How Quilytics Helped

Improved Data Visibility

We identified significant gaps in the client's data and took decisive steps to address them. Specifically, we added essential fields such as UTM Source and Medium (Google Paid, Facebook Paid, etc.) to track the origin of leads. 

Additionally, we incorporated Lead Type (B2B or B2C) and Lead Source (Phone Call, Physician Referral, Form Fill) fields, enabling the client to gain a deeper insight into their business. Hence, by introducing new fields tailored to capture key marketing and sales parameters, we enhanced the visibility and comprehensiveness of their dashboard.

Actionable Insights for Performance Monitoring

Recognizing the data’s disorganization, we took decisive action to enhance its structure and usability. By cleansing existing dimensions and establishing logical data buckets, we created custom fields that significantly improved stakeholders’ ability to interpret data points accurately and efficiently. 

Additionally, we introduced targeted filters that empower clients to slice and dice information precisely according to their specific needs. The inclusion of month over month / week over week analysis and capability of filtering data through Location, Date, UTM Source allowed the client to effectively monitor performance trends. This heightened visibility unlocked a deeper understanding of their data, enabling more proactive and strategic planning with regards to their sales and marketing. This also helped them track the success of their business efforts and make informed adjustments to strategies.


Quilytics successfully created a Salesforce dashboard for a healthcare company, providing end-to-end analytics for complete visibility of their leads. The results of the case study include: