360-Degree View And Automated Reporting: Quilytics' Data-Driven Transformation For A Global Real Estate Firm

Client Introduction

The client is a well-known real estate company operating primarily in New York City (NYC), the Hamptons, and South Florida. They have a strong presence in these areas and specialize in various aspects of the real estate market, including buying, selling, and renting both residential and commercial properties. 

With their deep knowledge of these dynamic property markets, they provide valuable insights and assistance to clients in navigating the complexities of the real estate industry.

Business Problem

The client faced a significant challenge in setting clear and effective business goals for their brokerage and franchise division. They lacked a comprehensive understanding of how to establish and measure objectives that would drive their success in these specific market segments. A data driven approach was required.

Project Goals (Analytics)

To address the client's business problem, Quilytics proposed a business analytics solution with the following key project goals:

Project Goals

To address the client's business problem, Quilytics proposed a business analytics with the following key project goals:

How Quilytics Helped

Quilytics played a crucial role in helping the client address their business problem and achieve their goals:

Establish separate ad accounts:

Quilytics proposed the use of separate ad accounts to run marketing campaigns for the client. By creating distinct ad accounts, the client was able to define specific objectives, target audiences, and customer segmentation for each campaign.

This approach allowed for a more focused and tailored marketing strategy, maximizing the effectiveness of their efforts. This separation lead to creation of custom dimensions in the next step of database implementation which enabled data analytics of two different businesses separately.

Data integration:

To streamline the data collection process, Quilytics leveraged Funnel, a powerful data integration and marketing analytics platform. 

This enabled the ingestion of data from various advertising channels, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google AdWords, Facebook, and TikTok, into a central database. By consolidating data from multiple platforms, the client gained a comprehensive view of their marketing performance. 

Funnel creates all the fields available in each data source and makes it available for pushing it to the database. Custom data fields were also created to analyze common metrics across different data sources like video views, impressions, clicks, conversions and cost.

Database implementation:

The collected data was stored in a cloud platform provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Quilytics created a main table within the database to organize and store all the information effectively. This structured approach simplified data management and facilitated seamless analysis.

Timely data updates:

Recognizing the importance of up-to-date insights, Quilytics ensured that the database received data refreshments twice a day. This frequent update schedule provided the client with regular reports on their marketing performance. 

By receiving real-time information instead of waiting for monthly reports, the client gained a competitive edge and the ability to make data-driven decisions promptly. 

This was enabled by using Fivetran, which automates data pipeline and connections for all data sources into the database. Using fivetran, many of the extract load and transform (also known as ETL) operations were automated.

Detailed insights:

Quilytics delivered granular insights into individual channel performances. By analyzing the effectiveness of different ad types and creative elements, the client gained a deeper understanding of what resonated with their target audience. They were able to identify the top-performing ad types, optimize their creative strategies, and allocate resources more efficiently.

Holistic evaluation:

In addition to individual channel insights, Quilytics provided holistic analysis using complex data analytics and visualization of metrics on an intuitive data visualization platform like Looker studio. By comparing the performance of different advertising channels, the client gained insights into which platforms were driving the best results overall. This holistic evaluation allowed them to allocate their marketing budget strategically and invest more in channels that delivered higher returns.


The collaboration with Quilytics enabled the client to overcome their business challenge of setting effective goals for their brokerage and franchise division. By leveraging separate ad accounts, integrating data from various channels, and providing detailed insights through multiple data analytics techniques, Quilytics empowered the client to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies. The data-driven strategy achieved positive business outcomes. The client's improved understanding and investment strategy led to enhanced performance and growth in their target markets.