Digital Marketing

We offer custom solution to your digital marketing processes with automated ingestion system and designing ideal dashboards accompanied with advanced analytics predictive models

Enterprise Technology Services

  • Data Framework and Infrastructure: We perform data discovery, cleansing, transformation and integration from various sources through our completely automated system. Our experienced tech-team provides complete support in data on-boarding and develops robust scripts to certify successful integration with different data channels.

  • Data Governance: We ensure best practices to get you the most ideal data for your analysis. We bring extensive expertise in maintaining thorough data governance to assure that your data is in safe hands.

  • Data Dashboards: Our visualization team constantly delivers the finest dashboards specific to your requirements. We customize all our deliverables based on your business needs. Our team has exceptional proficiency in tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Lookr, PowerBI, Sisense.

Advanced Analytics Services

  • Marketing Strategy and Campaign Objective: Our team serves as analytics experts to help design the best marketing strategy for you.

  • Campaign Design: Looking into former campaign performances, we put forward a suitable layout of campaign design including corresponding channels, platforms, etc.

  • Campaign Effectiveness Analysis: Campaign effectiveness analysis enables us to derive learnings from existing campaigns and ensure better results in the future.

  • Target Segmentation: We offer target segmentation and audience performance by leveraging our advanced analytics methodologies. Our robust automated model delivers best results which drives value to your investment in us.

Supply Chain

Our team is proficient in delivering end-to-end Spend Analytics solution including UNSPSC taxonomy updates, rationalizing supplier spend and depicting trends on your professional dashboard which can be easily shared with your stakeholders

Spend Analytics

  • Data Collection: Ingestion of unorganized data, cleaning and transformation to ensure a minimum target of 95% categorization. We have the capability to map data from multiple sources and store it in a database.

  • Taxonomy Classification: We classify this data using the UNSPSC classification codes. We also provide custom taxonomies based on your requirements. Machine learning techniques are used to classify any future transactions.

  • Analytics and Data Viz.: After normalizing and classifying your data, we make custom dashboards to help you drive immediate savings. Our data refresh can be scheduled per your needs to ensure maximum efficiency.